The BETA Colour of the Year 2020

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The BETA Colour of the Year 2020

Throughout the year we are so often in contact with interior designers, both in a professional and in a social context. The conversation always turns to the latest fashion trends in interior design, especially where it involves colour. Around this time of the year, we digest all this information as well as our own impressions from projects of our favourite designers and come up with, what we feel will be the most trending colour next year.

Night Owl is a beautiful, muted green shade with a pinch of blue. This versatile colour offers an air of serenity and calm in a time which we feel we need it the most! When paired with lighter pastels, off-whites and light neutral shades, Night Owl fits perfectly with any decor style, bringing out the colours and textures of complementing soft furnishings, materials, room decorations and furniture.

We've put together some inspirational ideas for you..

Night Owl 1
The room is smart, while still offering a calm, serene feel. The neutral coloured wood flooring serves as a perfect canvas for the contrasting reds in the rug while the stark, white skirting board and grey armchair give an idea of tidyness and cleanliness.

Once again here, Night Owl is the perfect backdrop for the warm shades of browns and reds in the furniture and rug, while the neutral greys of the chairs and white skirting board and door mouldings lend an air of elegance and cleanliness.
This contemporary, gender neutral, kids' bedroom offers calm and serenity in the place where it is most wanted. The beige carpet and brown curtains blend in beautifully, making the room look cosy and warm, but sophisticated at the same time.

Here, Night Owl was used on the kitchen cupboard doors contrastic the off white marble top and floor, giving a chic, elegant air. The wallpaper and blinds complement the kitchen perfectly.