Finishing to rent? 5 tips that can save you both time and money.

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Finishing to rent? 5 tips that can save you both time and money.

So you've invested time and hard earned money in to a property that you wish to rent out.

Here's a list of finishing products that will help you and your tenant achieve trouble free & cost effective finishing solutions:

  1. BETA Aquafloor - If you're looking for trouble free, incredibly hardwearing and most of all beautiful parquet floors your money is well spent with BETA Aquafloor. This is a 100% PVC commercial grade floor that is completely waterproof, easy to install, only 5mm thick and available in a range of stylish colours. With rental homes and offices you need to expect the unexpected and with BETA Aquafloor you are prepared for pretty much anything.
  2. BETA Matt +Antimould - Repainting could be a time consuming, property vacating affair. With Betamatt +Antimould you might only need to repaint once! This breathable, wipeable paint is protected by our special +Antimould technology that prevents mould from appearing on the surface. Paint your property just once and make it last!
  3. Marmox Boards - When finishing a property you will most likely be using some gypsum products, these area great! However bear in mind that they are not a great waterproof solution. Marmox boards are both waterproof and insulating; you can use them for everything from the construction of a bathroom, tile backers, sound and thermal insulation as well as an amazing solution against humid and flaky walls (Gebla mielha / marida). They can be finished with tiles, plaster or even gypsum boards and give you the peace of mind and security of a material that can last a lifetime!
  4. Coving - It's the detail of your property's finish that will really sell the place for you. BETA's Poly-Urethane coving do this exceptionally well! They are waterproof, easy to install and great for covering electricity trunking, air conditioner pipes as well as an easy solution to close off between tiles/gypsum boards and your ceiling. The same can be said for our extensive range of skirting and finishing profiles.
  5. Waterproofing Solutions - At BETA we pride ourselves in helping our customers pick the right products and give the best advice to achieving the result our customers demand. If you're looking for a quick cost effective fix the BETA Rooflex is the answer, an elastomeric paint that both waterproofs and decorates your outside walls. If however you require construction grade waterproofing that can last a lifetime then we would strongly advise taking a look at our range of Cement+Acrylic and Polyurethane Liquid membranes, available in both white and transparent.

These are obviously not the only products we can offer for your property, however they're definitely a good place to start. Get in touch with us to find out more on how to achieve the right finishes that will maximise the benefit for both you, your tenant and your pocket!