The ins and outs of floor paints.

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The ins and outs of floor paints.

Floor coatings have become an aesthetically viable option when finishing today's homes, with seamless finishes and a multitude of colours to choose from. There is also a range of paints with different functions and price points.

For interiors we generally recommend epoxy products for their extreme hardness, chemical resistance and adhesion. As a primer we recommend using Elastotet EP-W - Water Based Epoxy Primer - which will aid adhesion and also serve as a vapour barrier, to then finish in one of the many colours available in Eporex US - Epoxy Floor Paint.

With exteriors we often look for functionality as well as finish.

Beta Rooflex is a silane reinforced acrylic elastomeric coating available in various colours. It provides an elastic, flexible and cost effective coating that can also be used for patching up cracks in concrete and bitumen membrane. It has great water resistance and good UV resistance.

Lastotet PU provides a highly flexible coating that permanently waterproofs roofs and terraces. Such an application has a life expectancy of over 15 years. It is important that Lastotet PU is applied on to a firm concrete surface which has been primed with Primer-VL. Lastoflex PU is available in heat reflecting white. For high traffic areas a coat of Elastotet AR should be applied to boost mechanical strength and increase resistance to UV.