Parquet, Aquafloor or Vinyl?

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Parquet, Aquafloor or Vinyl?

Finishing a building is hard, at BETA we are behind you 100% to facilitate the choice of products to go with your lifestyle.

Some flooring solutions seem similar at first sight but the differences in use can be substantial. Let's take a quick look at the different options:

Our selection of Laminate Parquet is a beautiful and hard wearing with many authentic finishes to choose from. Laminate can also be a very cost effective way of achieving a high end finish without breaking the bank. However keep in mind that it is vulnerable to water and humidity. For ground floors and areas that are prone to water and humidity we would highly recommend taking a loot at Aquafloor.

Aquafloor is an AC5 commercial grade flooring resistant to both physical wear as well as moisture. Clips together exactly like laminate for quick installation with minimal waste. Available in nine beautiful colours, you'll definitely find what you're looking for. Aquafloor is the ideal solution for ground floors and high traffic areas (bars, restaurants, cafes etc.)

Vinyl flooring offers another water resistant option worth looking at. Available on rolls in various colours and widths, it offers easy installation at incredibly competitive prices. This floor would be supplied to you cut to dimension and can then be installed using double sided tape or even glued down for increased stability. We don't recommend vinyl for areas prone to rising damp as this can cause warping and condensation.