Microcement is the perfect solution for a chic, seamless flooring solution. Perfectly fitting in traditional, contemporary and modern designs, microcement is a durable solution which can be easily applied onto all types of existing flooring.

Microdur is an innovative, one component microcement plaster. No extra resin is required - it is mixed directly with clean water making application simple and hassle free!

Microdur is the most suitable microcement for interior floors since it withstands intense traffic very well thanks to its hard finish and great resistance to use, mechanical damage, scratches, etc. It permits the creation of clear spaces without joints, which are easy to clean and maintain. Microdur is so versatile that it can also be applied to stairs, steps, walls, shower trays, sinks, facades and terraces.

Microdur gives rooms a very natural, minimalist and elegant appearance. Its has a medium grain type of texture, which is why the watermark effects in the finish is reduced. It is easy to combine with other materials like wood flooring.

Aesthetically it looks like polished cement, but it is NOT the same. Microcement can give you countless more advantages:

  • Faster and easier to apply.
  • Easier cleanup process as no debris is required to be made.
  • The installation requires no heavy machinery or tools.
  • Less work. Lower cost. Less time.
  • Lighter, so there are no structural loads.
  • For use in any room, not just ground or lower floors.
  • Requires no joints, and does not crack.

Check out this link for inspiration.. Cemher Gallery

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