Interior Walls

Microcement has become a very popular coating for interior walls, providing an elegant, seamless, durable and washable surface.

Microdur is an innovative, one component microcement plaster. No extra resin is required - it is mixed directly with clean water making application simple and hassle free!

Microdur is the perfect product for interior applications on walls, furnishings etc. Thanks to it's fine grain size, Microdur offers a smooth, silky finish, yet is still very durable and resistant. Easily applied onto most surfaces including painted walls, gypsum board, tiles and cement plastered walls, Microdur is a perfect finish blending in to all types of decor styles with many different types of finishes that are achievable. Easily cleanable for those whose children like to express their artistic side onto the walls as a damp cloth is more than enough to wipe the mess away.

Check out this link for inspiration.. Cemher Gallery

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