Aquacement 2K 207 20Kg + 7Kg

Aquacement 2K 207 20Kg + 7Kg

A cement and acrylic-based, super-elastic, double components water isolation material. Components must be mixed before application. Resistant to positive water pressure.

Application Areas:

  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Horizontal and vertical applications
  • Water tanks, cisterns, swimming pools (under the coverage)
  • Groundwork isolation, retaining walls and basement isolation
  • Isolation of deck roofs
  • Irrigation channels, manholes, concrete pipes
  • Wet areas such as bathroom, kitchen, balcony
  • Facilities such as thermal springs, Turkish baths
  • Isolation of concrete flower receptacle
  • Bonding ceramics, granite and covering materials


  • Easy to apply on horizontal and vertical surfaces with a brush, roller, trowel or spraying machine.
  • Not affected by temperature
  • Provides seamless water isolation without joints
  • Provides highly performing water isolation
  • Is elastic, does not shrink or crack
  • Allows the concrete to breathe
  • Non-poisonous, perfect for water tanks
  • Forms a perfect isolation layer under ceramic and screed, due to its flexibility and high bonding property
  • Protects concrete surfaces from carbonization and chloride

Preparation of the Surface:

  • Attention must be given that the application surface is cured.
  • The application surface must be clear of materials which prevent bonding, such as dust, oil, paint, silicone, curing agents, detergents and mold release oils.
  • Weak parts of the concrete must be repaired, plasters that are not well adhered must be removed, the surface must be flat and sound, static cracks on the building must be repaired with a plaster containing AQUALATEX or REPAIRGROUT EXPAN High Strength Shrinkage Compensated Repair Mortar. Dynamic (moving) cracks must be repaired with PU 970 Polyurethane Sealant. Irons and wedges on the surface must be removed and the holes that have water outflow must be filled with appropriate products, such as AQUASTOP.
  • The surface must be saturated with water and must be kept moist during the application.

Preparation of the Mortar:

  • Put Component B (7 kg) in a clean pot. Add Component A (20 kg) into the liquid slowly and mix preferably with a drill with low speed until there are no lumps. Do not add water. Leave the mixture to mature for 3 - 5 minutes, mix again for 30 seconds before usage.
  • The mixture in the pot must be used in 30 minutes. In case this duration is exceeded, the mortar should not be used.

Application Information:

  • AQUACEMENT 2K 207 Double Component Super Elastic Isolation Material is applied on the surface at least in 2 layers that are perpendicular to each other. There must be a waiting period between two applications, minimum 5 - 6 hours – maximum 24 hours, at +20°C. Second layer must be applied before the first layer is completely dry. In case the first layer is dry, the surface must be moisturized again before the application of the second layer. The surface must be protected from sunlight and prevented from drying quickly, for 3 days after the application of the second layer.
  • After the application of the first layer, the corners must be beveled before the application of the second layer.
  • It is recommended to use a mesh between the layers.
  • It gains mechanical strength in 3 days, becomes waterproof in 7 days. It gains its final strength in 14 days.
  • It has to be protected against any impact until it is over-coated.


1 kg/m2 is applied on each layer, in 1 mm thickness. It is recommended that 2 layers are applied (2 kg/m2). On areas where stronger protection is required, the consumption may increase up to 3 - 4 kg/m2.


  • Avoid application in temperatures below +5°C and above +35°C.
  • Avoid application on frozen areas, on areas under risk of freezing in 24 hours or on areas open to direct sunlight or wind.
  • Do not add water to the mixture.
  • Always add powder component into the liquid component.
  • During the application, wet film thickness should not exceed 2 mm per layer.


Component A: 20 kg craft bags

Component B: 7 kg plastic drums