Microdur One Component Microcement

  • Microdur One Component Microcement
Microdur One Component Microcement

The Microdur line of microcement is a single-component microcement coating. It only needs to be mixed with water for application. This makes the whole process simpler, while offering all the strength, durability and ease of application as the two component version.

Available in base, regular and fine granulometry, Microdur allows for the creation of unique walls, floors, wet areas and stairs.

Products in the range:

Microdur Base: A medium rough coating which serves as a base for the finer finishes but also stands out as a finish coat where a rough finish is desired. It stands out for it's high antislip properties and its uniform colouration, as well as its high resistance to foot traffic.

Consumption - Approx 2kg per sqm (2 coats)

Microdur Regular: A microcement with an intermediate to smooth finish. It achieves a more subtle coloration with less of a stucco effect than Fine. The grain size provides anti slip properties, making it the perfect option for a smooth floor, especially in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. It may also be allied on walls, stairs and other surfaces.

Consumption - Approx 1kg per sqm (2 coats)

Microdur Fine: A microcement with a fine texture finish. Microdur Fine will provide a very smooth finish with a defined stucco effect (especially when applied with a stainless steel trowel). It is only recommended for vertical surfaces since it does not have anti slip properties.

Consumption - Approx 1kg per sqm (2 coats)

Product Features
  • Single component for ease of use. No need for extra resin for hardening.
  • 2 hours of pot life
  • Stucco effect
  • Up to 40MPa compressive strength