Spray For Plastics Black

  • Spray For Plastics Black
Spray For Plastics Black

Auto-K Spray for plastics is a fast drying special paint for plastics parts. It can be used to beautify parts made from hard plastics, polyester and polycarbonate located at the car. Applicable to plastic bumpers, outside mirrors, spoilers, etc. The Auto-K plastic adhesion primer is the ideal primer.

Please note before use:
It is mandatory to check all plastics for compatibility. Do not use on soluble plastics. Only for solvent resistant materials.

Product Features

Painting of car parts made of hard plastic, polyester and polycarbonate
Can be used e.g. on plastic bumpers, wing mirrors, spoilers etc.

Product benefits:

Easy to process, easy running
Good adhesion, very economic
Free of heavy metals: no lead, cadmium, chrome