Interior Floors

Easy finishes for interior floors and tiles
  • EP Vernici EPOREX US is a 2 component epoxy finish. Ideal for any type of interior floor application as well as painting steel structures in contact with water / water tanks.

  • ELASTOTET Primer EP-W is an epoxy, two-component water based primer suitable for use on porous or non-porous surfaces. The perfect primer to ensure maximum adhesion for subsequent topcoats or adhesives.

  • ELASTOTET PRIMER VL is a polyurethane primer for improving adhesion of polymeric elastomeric sealants,

  • Trasparent surface coating based on aliphatic polyurethane. When contacting the atmosphere it is polymerized to form an elasting and cohesive mass.


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  • Super happy with the epoxy paint products I bought at Beta Centre fgura , they also have outstanding service !

    Thanks guys !

    Mr Max Kuillboer

    Epoxy Floor Paints