The products below vary considerably in their end result.

Siloprimer is a clear stone varnish that contains our +Antimould technology as well as being resistant to humidity. It's finish is matt to semi-matt.

Siliproof is an invisible silicone water repellent, it is colourless and remains the stone unchanged.

Beta Latex is a multiuse additive that can also be used as a binding primer when sticking stonework on using a tile adhesive.

  • Concentrated transparent coating for stone walls. Features a water repellent, anti mould and anti algae additives to keep walls looking their best whilst protecting the surface. Also very useful to bind dusty walls whilst still allowing breathability.

  • Water – repellent surface coating, ideal for application to inorganic, porous substrates,

    such as plaster, natural stones, concrete, porous tiles (unglazed), decorative bricks.
    Due to its micromolecular composition it penetrates easily the substrate
    and creates a hydrophobic surface of exceptional resistance and durability over time.

  • Beta Latex is an acrylic polymer that is compatible with concrete, cement based plasters and can also be used by itself. It is used as a waterproofing additive, plasticising additive and adhesion promoter.