Grabo Las Vegas LUX 2.0mm

Grabo Las Vegas LUX 2.0mm

Las Vegas LUX Flooring is a unique, high gloss vinyl flooring for impressive set ups. Can be installed on floors as well as walls and can be seamlessly incorporated with Unifloor to create unique and spectacular events.

This product was the floor- base
at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London.

Product benefits:

  • The perfect choice for impressive event setups
  • The shiny and glossy surface increases the lighting effects, giving to the show an even more amazing atmosphere,
  • Can be used as floor or wall covering as well and incorporated with UNIFLOOR for a matt and gloss floor.

Colour Range Link

Full Technical Datasheet Link


  • catwalks
  • stages
  • events
  • shows
  • exhibitions


Total thicknessmm2.0
Total weightkg/m2


Length of rollm25
Width of rollm1.5