Icoper Multiuso 1-Component Liquid Membrane

  • Icoper Multiuso 1-Component Liquid Membrane
Icoper Multiuso 1-Component Liquid Membrane

Icoper Multiuso is the original, general purpose, ready to use, UV and ponding-water resistant, colored, seamless waterproofing membrane in water dispersion.

It is suitable for waterproofing roofs, concrete slabs, old built-up bitumen roofing, retaining and foundation walls, gutters, ledges, terraces, eaves, chimneys, facades, PU-foam insulated roofs.

Icoper Multiuso requires no UV topcoat and can be applied to flat surfaces prone to ponding water. It is elastic and conformable to all sorts of substrate shapes.

It is free of solvents, safe and easy to apply.

The product meets European Standards EN 1504-2 for concrete protection and EN 14891 for undertile waterproofing.

Product Features

• Recommended for low-slope and flat roofs thanks to its ponding water


• Suitable for undertile waterproofing of terraces and balconies.

• 400% Tensile Elongation.

• Crack bridging ability at low temperature.

• Walkable for ordinary maintenance.

• Anti-carbonation to protect reinforced concrete.

• Certified Broof (t1) (t4) in accordance with EN 13501-5.

• One component, ready to use, quick, safe and easy to apply.

• VOC content rated A+ (very low emissions).

• Contributes to obtaining LEED® credits.

• Asbestos cement encapsulant in Procedures A-B-C-D.

• Excellent UV resistance: no topcoat required.

• Appropriate resistance to industrial and marine environments.

• Opened packaging can be resealed and stored for further use.

• Hail resistant.